Special Programs at Different Levels
It's time to have a one to one practice and advantage of speaking with our 100% Italian staff
General English Conversation Groups
Opportunity to Speaking and Practice with Foreigners
Private one to one Study on Your Level
Arabic and English Consulting and Interpretation Services For The Companies
Consultancy Services for Foreign Companies
The Support for Participation to the Exhibitions for the Companies
General German and Business German
Special German Applications for companies own employees
Spesific English Courses for You
Special Business English for Institutional Companies and Occopational Group
Personal and professional Arabic Speaking Programs
The Opportunity to Work With 100% Foreign Language Experts
Private interpreter services for your company
Translation Services For The Private and Organization Overseas Companies
Overseas Education Consultancy
We Send Students to Most Famous Language Schools which is in Italy and England
Turkish Speaking Courses
Turkish Speaking Lessons for The Foreigners


•  For foreign companies We support participation to trade fairs in Turkey
•  We’re with you all kinds of meetings and organizations of your company
• Airport transfer – choice of hotel and residence – Turkey internal transfer network – Interpreter support


About Us

Dil Kulesi Language & Counseling Center was established to respond to individuals and companies of language and consulting needs.We always by your side domestically and abroad with high quality and reassuring policy.

Expand your vocabulary and become a more fluent and confident İtalian, English, German, Arabic speaker through enjoyable discussions and lively debates.We aim to reach you one step closer to your career goals.


•  Converstaion programs on your level
•  Chance to do practice with our native staff
•  International summer schools and educational counseling services for those who want to take language training abroad
•  Support interpreters for overseas organization companies

We support foreign companies to participate in trade fairs in Turkey and we offer foreign investors to explore Turkey. Dil Kulesi Language & counseling center as we are , we are completing language proficiency of individuals and provide employment support to foreign HandlingTM in Turkey. We stand with foreign business and we respond to all the needs in Turkey. We provide interpreters to outside organizations firms abroad .


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